Tuesday’s Top Ten: Golf Comics!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. In celebration of the US Masters this weekend, this week’s Top Ten comics are all about golf!

1. This Lockhorns comic reminds us of a “hazard” on the course:


 2. What happens when you hate golf? This Shoe comic tells you what to do:

 3. General Halftrack from Beetle Bailey certainly loves his golf game:

 4. Is there a benefit to playing golf in cold weather? This Dustin comic explains:

 5. Is Sherman’s Lagoon teaching us a new golf rule? No sighing on the course!

 6. What famous golfer is inspiring Dagwood from Blondie?

 7. What is a good golf-themed gift? Marvin & Family explains:

 8. Poor Lucky Eddie with the golf cart in this Hägar the Horrible strip:

 9. Golf is “pretty easy” to the Family Circus kids:


 10. And finally, this Six Chix strip tells us the moment a golfer falls in love with golf:


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