Editor’s Dispatch: Announcement Time!

By Tea Fougner

Hi, everybody!

There’s a bunch of awesome new stuff going on on Comics Kingdom, and I wanted to let you know all about it.

We’ve introduced SEARCH to our site.

Lots and lots of your favorite comics have been tagged with phrases that should make it easy for you to browse comics that deal with your favorite topics, or even try to find a long-lost strip you’ve been searching for.


The search box is in the top right corner of the site, like in the image!

It’s raining right now as I write this, so I went and looked up comics with the word “sun” in them. Ahhhh, that’s better!

Comics also have their keywords visible just below the strips themselves, so, if you’re, say, reading a comic that breaks the fourth wall, you can find out who else is getting a little metaliterary!


We’re also very close to opening a brand new shop!

Haven’t you always dreamed of wearing, drinking from, and cooking in your very favorite comic strip, all at the same time? We are working to make that a reality!

Right now you know you can buy a beautiful, art-quality print of any one of the strips on Comics Kingdom, but after the shop launches, you’ll also be able to purchase those strips on a whole bunch of different items: mouse pads, mugs, tote bags, tee shirts, phone cases, aprons, and more!

Very soon, you’ll be seeing a “buy stuff” icon under your favorite strips– just click that link to purchase all kinds of stuff featuring your selected strip. If you’re looking for a unique gift, you can even use the search tool to look for comics that appeal to a certain friend or a special occasion!


Once you’re all set, you can click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page to review your selected items and check out.

The finished product!

The finished product!

Search also works on comicskingdom.com on your mobile device as well as on your desktop browser– so if you’re in the grocery store and feel a desperate need to search for comics about breakfast, we’ve got you covered!

Our comics look great on mobile, and you can see all of your favorites on one page, with a continuous scroll and an easy-to-use pinch-to-zoom feature! We’re still working to improve our mobile experience, so we’d love for you to take our survey!

Have Fun!