New Feature Announcement!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Have you always wondered what Jeremy’s room or a Mark Trail panel smells like? Well, wonder no further.  Today, we are so excited to roll out our newest, most exciting feature: Scratch ‘n Sniff comics!

 Below we break down the easy steps to enjoying our latest exclusive upgrade – it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

One: Select the comic strip you want to view by clicking here

Two: Taking your pointer finger, gently scratch the center of the strip:











Three: Then, move your nose 2-4 inches away from your computer screen and inhale deeply:











That’s it! Need some inspiration for what strips to smell first? Why not try…

  1. The woodsy, outdoorsy scent of Mark Trail‘s surrounding
  2. The musty, messy smell coming from the room of Jeremy from Zits
  3. The maple sugar scent from DeFlocked. Sweetness is in the air!
  4. The crisp smell of fresh snow from Arctic Circle
  5. The homey aroma of Chef Carlos’ cooking in Tina’s Groove
  6. The dirty socks smell coming from Buckles‘ house
  7. The energizing scent of morning coffee in Between Friends
  8. The rose-scented flowers in Mary Worth‘s garden
  9. The lovely citrus aroma always wafting over from Rhymes with Orange
  10. The alcohol smell of Hägar the Horrible‘s beverage of choice
  11. The musty, wet dog smell from the Mutts gang
  12. The crushed-Cheetos-in-carseats scent the always lingers around the Baby Blues‘ car
  13. Dagwood’s undeniably good-smelling sandwich creation from Blondie
  14. The underwater ocean always breezing over from Sherman’s Lagoon

We just know you will enjoy the scents of the funnies pages as much as we do! What comics are you looking forward to scratching and sniffing?