March 21st, 2014

News From Around the Kingdom: Spring Awakening

by The King

It is the first day of Spring and Comics Kingdom dwellers couldn’t be more delighted! Winter had overstayed its welcome, so we are happy to see longer, brighter days ahead! The Kingdom was buzzing this week like a happy hive of honey-drunk bees. Here’s what happened …

“On The Fastrack” celebrated its 30th Anniversary in syndication! Congratulations to Bill Holbrook!


The Family Circus redecorated its online home. See the Big Reveal here

Dan Piraro imagines what the non-televised Spring Olympics’s events might be in “Ape Creep Athlete Finger”

Beetle Bailey and Sarge have been known to show up in some strange places, and we share their most recent sightings here


 Brian Walker shares some “Signs of Spring” …

Jeff Parker loves crossword puzzles so much that he actually wrote a Crossword-Clue Haiku

Bruce Tinsley reminisces about the development of “Mallard Fillmore” and his first year in syndication …

while Sandra Bell Lundy remembers her speaking engagement at the inaugural Kenosha Festival of Cartooning and drew a delightful comic about it …

Betty Boop is looking to fill her Dance Card. Interested dance partners can see some of her moves here … 

Jonathan Mahood unveils the 2014 National Robotics Week logo

John Rose is heading to West Virginia and he is taking “Snuffy Smith” along for the ride …

Finally, world traveler Alex Hallatt of “Arctic Circle” stayed close to home and visited some beautiful eco-friendly homes in Frome, a small town in Somerset, England.

Come back again next Friday for all the latest Comics Kingdom news!










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