Sunday Punnies #34

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 03-16-14 HdrWEB Bizarro 03-16-14 WEB

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Baboon Spotting.

Have you been dying to see some funny, funny pun you thought of illustrated by a syndicated cartoonist? I doubt it. But if you have, this is your chance. The puns in my Sunday Punnies series are all submitted by readers like you. Look at the bottom corner of each panel and you’ll see a name that COULD BE YOURS AT SOME FUTURE DATE! Wow. That’s exciting, isn’t it?

Here are the rules:

1. Your pun must be original, as far as you know. Please don’t send a pun you saw/heard somewhere else. Don’t feel obligated to come up with the picture part. That’s my job.

2. Post your pun in the comments section of this or any post on this site. I read them all. (NOTE: YOUR SUBMISSON WILL NOT APPEAR IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. I WILL CONSIDER IT BUT I WON’T POST IT SO AS NOT TO RUIN THE GAG FOR OTHER READERS SHOULD I USE IT.)

3. In your comment with your suggestion, tell me what name you want me to use at the bottom if I should choose your pun for a future edition. Can be real or fictional or initials, anything you want except obscene. (Actually, you can leave obscene names and I will chuckle, but I won’t use them in my cartoon.)

Congrats to this edition’s winners: Emilio Franso, Brian Levy, and Gary Foster!

And, as is my practice on all my blog posts, here’s a comic from my archives…

BIZARROVERS: bizarro 01-10-99 bugslife WEBFrom 1999 comes this send-up of the film “A Bug’s Life”. I’m pretty sure I saw that movie but I have that rare gift that allows me to forget movies I’ve seen so I can enjoy them over and over.