Ask A Cartoonist: Where in the World?

By Tea Fougner

Here in New York, we had this lovely hint of warmer weather this weekend followed by a dip into more Arctic temperatures that have left me with one heck of a case of cabin fever.  Being around comics all day is swell and all, but when it’s gotten so cold I have to burn them for fuel, I start fantasizing about all the warmer places I could be…

So this week, I asked our cartoonists to tell me about the place they– or their character(s)– would most like to travel to!

Cleveland. On an overcast, winter day. In a cheap hotel room with peeling wallpaper.
 Zippy answers: Cleveland. On a sunny, warm day in June. In a cheap motel room with Judge Judy.
Zippy’s favorite existential hotel room:
–Bill Griffith, Zippy the Pinhead

The one place I’d like to travel to: Slumberland
The one place Killer would like to travel to: The nearest brothel  –Mort Walker, Beetle Bailey

I’d like to visit Mort Drucker’s studio. No matter how long or carefully I study his movie and TV satires for MAD magazine, I still can’t fathom how he lays down such sumptuous linework. I’d want to inspect his materials to see if in fact they are from this planet.  –Jim Borgman, Zits
Canada. I have a lot of friends there (as does Arctic Circle). –Alex Hallatt, Arctic Circle
Dennis, of course, is no stranger to travel:

I suppose, if you asked Mr. Wilson, he’d say…….. GET DENNIS BACK ON THE ROAD!!!!

In 2001, Hank sent Marcus and I to do research for a 2 week series for the comic strip. We even ran into Don Ho at his restaurant in a Honolulu shopping plaza.  –Ron Ferdinand, Dennis the Menace
ONE place? India….and a tour of the UK…hard to pick just one place! –Sandra Bell-Lundy, Between Friends

I’d love to cruise the Fjords of Norway. Sid would love to go to Monte Carlo, Ernie would love to go to Florida, and Enos would love for Mother Packer to go to Cleveland. –Bud Grace, The Piranha Club

Vienna, in Austria. This makes me realise how lethargic I am. If I made the effort, I could go there tomorrow. –Kieran Meehan, Pros & Cons
Mary would one day like to travel to the Queen Mary’s Gardens in London.  The rose garden there is world-famous and holds London’s largest collection of roses. She likes to garden and enjoys tending the roses behind her apartment.  –Karen Moy, Mary Worth