Ask the Archivist: Redeye Comes to Our Vintage Selection!

By Mark Johnson

This week, based on the results from our Vintage Expansion survey, we starting running the favorite vintage strip Redeye, both the Dailies and the Sundays. Below is The Archivist’s take on this vintage classic!

And don’t forget to stay tuned for next week, when we will debut vintage Boner’s Ark!

This week we debuted the old west satire, Redeye by Gordon Bess, Mel Casson and Bill Yates. This strip heralded the adventures of the Chickiepan tribe and their hapless Chief, Redeye. To see a previous “Ask the Archivist” on Redeye, please go here.





Above are some early Redeye Sundays, 1968-1970.

Redeye is a lot of fun!

Responses to Last Week’s Reader Questions:

To Picard:

The first week of the strip is unfortunately missing. The week presented was put together later from outside our archives.


The Archivist