Ask a Cartoonist: Olympic Sports!

By Tea Fougner

It’s been a sporty week here on Comics Kingdom– sandwiched between a Super Bowl on Sunday and the Winter Olympics beginning Friday.  So this week, we asked our cartoonists the following question:

Choose any one of your characters to appear in the Olympic Games: what sport would they play?

Figure skating. The best way to explain Zippy’s interest in the sport is expressed in this heartfelt recent strip. –Bill Griffith, Zippy the Pinhead

 As for the Olympic sport Dennis would love to participate in, it would probably be the Equestrian event……if he could ever get the HORSE he’s always wanted! –Ron Ferdinand, Dennis the Menace

Isn’t there a sport called the Broad Jump?  Miss Buxley should participate in that! –Mort Walker, Beetle Bailey

Frank the Polar Bear. But only if competitive eating became an Olympic sport. — Alex Hallatt, Arctic Circle

 Snuffy Smith is used t’ runnin’ ‘cross ridges, mountains an’ valleys t’git away from ol’ Sheriff Tait.  So, if Snuffy had th’ Sheriff a-chasin’ after him, he could easily git th’ gold in Cross Country Skiing!! –John Rose, Barney Google & Snuffy Smith

Hmmm…if my characters were going to participate in a sport in the Olympic Games it would probably be…ummm…is there a category for drinking a nice Merlot? –Sandra Bell-Lundy, Between Friends


If Darryl were participating in the Olympic Games, he’d be entered in the Baby Gate Hurdles. Since it’s an indoor competition, it would not have to be restricted to the Summer Olympics. Wanda’s no slouch, either. They could both compete and easily medal in the same event. I’d love to see them interviewed by Bob Costas. –Rick Kirkman, Baby Blues

 Mary would appear at the Olympics to cheer on her friend’s daughter Lynn who’s a figure skater.  –Karen Moy, Mary Worth

 Which of your favorite characters would you like to see participating in an Olympic sport?