News From Around The Kingdom: Dream Gifts and New Character Announcements

By ComicsKingdom Admin
Hear ye, hear ye! We have lots of fun news to report in this week’s edition of “News From Around the Kingdom.”

Over at Bleekercomics.com, Jonathan Mahood introduces a new character to the cast of “Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog” —Lila’s stray dog, Tink. When a real dog meets a rechargeable dog, hilarity is sure to ensue. 

“The Best Things in Life Are Expensive,” Dan Piraro shares why he vehemently dislikes most consumer advertising and marketing and shares some classic “Bizarro” panels as evidence of his brilliant disdain.

The Roanoke Times published a Q & A with “Barney Google and Snuffy Smith” cartoonist, John Rose.

John Hambrock, creator of “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee,” shares an image of one the most incredible gifts that he has ever received. Hint: it was a gift from his wife and it is an original piece of work.

Brian Walker posted a throwback “Hi & Lois” episode to warm nostalgic readers during these cold days of winter. 

Olive Oyl interviewed Rosi Zingales, creator of Hanky Blanky, who makes baby and toddler clothing from vintage handkerchiefs and other upcycled materials.

 At PajamaDiaries.com, Terri Libenson, an admitted neat freak shows the evolution of her creative process on “The Pajama Diaries.”

All through February, “RETAIL: This Is So Bogus My Head Hurts!” will be on sale for 30% off! Order your copy today!

Click here to see a photo of Hilary Price, of “Rhymes With Orange” fame, getting ready for the Olympics by playing hockey AND doing Pilates on ice. And, you thought she could only draw!

Bill Bettwy and “Take It From the Tinkersons” is hosting a Wheel of Fortune-style name contest for a new character. The winner will receive a one year Royal subscription to ComicsKingdom.com.

Find out what has Rina Piccolo, cartoonist of “Tina’s Groove,” so excited about what’s coming in the mail at the end of January that she just can’t wait the remaining days to write about it?

See you next Friday!