Comics Kingdom Twitter Contest

By Jeremy Meltingtallow


So this could be fun.

Comics Kingdom announces the “Royal Archery Tournament.” Here is the overview:

“Laughter is meant to be shared with others. We use social media as a way to spread our cartoonists’ work all around the Kingdom.

Now we are giving comics fans a chance to get in on the action – for prizes!

When you see a strip that you just know a brand or celebrity would love to see, send it to their Twitter account with a link to the ComicsKingdom.com using the “Share on Twitter” button. Editorial cartoons, puzzles and blog posts are all fair game, too. The person whose tweets get retweeted by the account with the biggest number of followers is this week’s winner!

We will announce the winner of the biggest retweet In each Friday’s blog post and weekly newsletter. The winner will win a free one year subscription to Comics Kingdom Royal – so you can enjoy longer archives, vintage comics, and so much more! And if you have already joined Royalty, we will add the prize onto your existing subscription. The King may also hand out some one month memberships to worthy competitors.”

For all the rules and details, click here.