Tuesday’s Top Ten: Eating Healthy Comics!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a specific topic. Just in time for breaking New Year’s resolutions at your Sunday Superbowl party, today’s comics are all about eating healthy!

1. Over in Hazel, it’s too close to dinner for snacking!

 2. In this Brillant Mind of Edison Lee, no dessert until you eat your vegetables!

 3. Hägar the Horrible is being entrusted with a pretty sweet treat:

 4. How many cookies does Sarge from Beetle Bailey need?!

 5. Is this app a solution for healthy eating? Dustin doesn’t think so:

 6. The Arctic Circle gang is considering going on the Paleo Diet…maybe:

7. Jeremy from Zits can’t help himself when carrying in bags filled with veggies:

 8. The Baby Blues kids are getting in trouble while their Mom attempts to grocery shop:

 9. Oh no! There was a healthy eating “accident” over in The Better Half:

 10. And finally, the kids from Hi & Lois have learned the value of healthy eating!


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