Tuesday’s Top Ten: Comics About Hugs!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a specific topic. In honor of today being National Hugging Day, today’s comics are all about hugs!

1. This Zits strip explains why Connie hugs Jeremy:


2. Does this Dennis the Menace comic strip have a secret of raising children?


3. This Rhymes with Orange strip shows the challenges of wanting to give someone a hug if you’re a certain type of animal:

 4. What happened that made Rob want to give Jill such a big hug on Pajama Diaires?

 5. Harder math homework definitely requires a hug in this Baby Blues comic strip:

 6. While Loretta hugs Leroy, she also gives him some “life advice” on the Lockhorns:

 7. What is stopping these two Beetle Bailey characters from hugging?

 8. Winter is coming! Luckily in Mutts, they know what to do:

 9. Teamwork inspires hugging (and kissing!) in this Edge City strip:

 10. And finally, Jeffy of Family Circus share a sweet hug with his mom:

What theme would like to see for the next Tuesday Top Ten? Post your ideas in the comments below!