A Poem About A Strip. A Strip About A Poem.

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

A Cat’s Map Of The Bed, in poetry form.  Thanks Master Poet Teresa!

Who’s going to add the music and when it this going to Broadway??  Get on it, people.  The cat needs kibble.

At the end of this post, you will find a more morose strip about a poem…


The original date of this strip is http://rhymeswithorange.com/comics/september-19-1999/

A Map Of The Cat Bed (Human Of Course!)
Inspired by a wonderful drawing by Hilary B Price.

Their bed is multifunctional,
a scientific fact.
Divided into sections,
to accommodate a cat.

To understand the theory,
just think in terms of zones.
Each section has its purpose
which every cat, just owns!

The crucial place for stretching
is located at the top.
Just below the pillows,
to optimize the flop.

The middle topmost section
is for the night time sleep.
To the right of that the barfing zone,
In case you sleep too deep!

Then we have the parlour,
for that little night time groom.
The rasping tongue and scratching
seems to echo round the room.

The dressing table launch pad
is located on the right.
It’s clear for any take off,
in the middle of the night.

Foot attack and hurdling zone,
is at the bottom of the bed.
Following the foot assault,
It’s back up to the head!

So the mapping is completed,
every inch is spoken for.
Every angle is included,
it’s now the law of paw!

Teresa Harrison-Best

And here’s a strip from last year about a poem. More specifically, a poem about a rare and radiant donkey.