Tough Guys

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 11-15-13bz strip 11-15-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Public Service Announcement.

Greetings, Jazz Pickles. This is your Grand Imperial Exhalted Jazz Poobah here to say that once you’re a Jazz Pickle, you may call me “Poobah Pickle.” If you catch anyone outside of our ranks calling me that, slap them upside the head with a piece of soggy pie.

Today’s offering is a dandy little ditty from my good friend and colleague, Dan “Sorry But You’re Not Really Elvis, Dude” McConnell. His original version was a little different so we tinkered around and came up with this one, which I’m pretty happy with. Ever wandered into a biker bar by mistake? Ever wandered into one like this? Which would be scarier?  See Dan’s FB page here for more of our collaborations.

I’m happy today to include the strip version of this one because it has two extra characters, one with a gigantic “biker’s butt,” which is always fun to draw. And, of course, the lead character rides for the Bizarro Jazz Pickle bike club. (First person to start a so-named cycle club will have a royal title bestowed upon them by your Poobah Pickle himself. Get crackin’!)

BIZARRO OF THE LIVING DEAD: Bz 11-12-07 HellsAnglesOn the subject of biker dudes, one of my loyal Jazz Pickles told me yesterday that this was his favorite all-time Bizarro cartoon so I thought I’d feature it today in the moldy refrigerator contents section. Hope you non-math types enjoy it, too.







Oh, yeah, and since I’m supposed to be featuring a picture of my mustache on all of my posts this month (Which I totally have forgotten to do most of the time because I’ve got a touch of idiocy that I just can’t shake.) Here’s one I call “Mustache Wax Failure.”