Theft Humor

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 11-11-13bz panel 11-12-13 Bizarro is brought to you today by The Key to Your Future.

Things are heating up here at Bizarro International Headquarters. Not because I’m working on a January launch for my new podcast, not because a feature-length animated film of Bizarro is being produced by Steven Spielberg (no such film exists) but because I’m warming some bean dip on the stove. I’m feeling snacky.

In reference to my the first cartoon in this post, I went for my semicentennial physical today and the doctor said I’m not dying of anything just yet, so that’s good news. (For me. Some people may feel differently.) I expect that to change in the next several decades, however. I see him again in another fifty years so I’ll update you then.

My second cartoon today is a little esoteric and comes to us courtesy of the gooey skull fillings of my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. For the graphically challenged, the man at left is a famous character created by the iconic Robert Crumb (or “Bobby Morsel,” as his closest friends call him). The character at right is title character in the long-lasting and controversial comic strip, “Nancy.” I haven’t looked yet, but I’d bet my left gall bladder that Wayno has some dandy and clever things to say about our latest collaboration. You can point your own gooey skull filling at his comments here.

More fanatical Jazz Pickles will notice, and perhaps object, to the missing strip versions of these two cartoons. I just decided they’re not interesting or different enough to bother posting, so there.

bz 06-15-98 family circus


Jazz Pickle Jar: What is interesting enough to post, however, is this old Bizarro from the Iron Age. In keeping with our famous-cartoon-lampooning theme, here is one of the half-dozen-or-so Family Circus knockoffs I’ve done. I pray it amuses you.