Free eBook on the iBooks Store: Dog Down Under

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

The boyf, Billie and I used to live in Melbourne. Before we moved back to the UK, we did one last trip around Australia. Travelling in Australia with a dog can be challenging (you can’t go into National Parks and they are banned from a lot of beaches, or have to be on leash a lot of the time) and we found that the further we were from the big cities, the better our experience. I wrote up those experiences for an eBook called Dog Down Under.


Writing this book gave me a way of learning iBooksAuthor, which I hope to use for future, cartoony books.

download Dog Down Under for Free on iBooks

Dog Down Under is available for free on the iBooks store. If you have an iPad, please download it and if you like it, I would love you to write a review of it on the iBooks store.

Happy Trails!Billie-fullbody