By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 10-31-13bz strip 10-31-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Really Scary Costumes.

It is officially Halloween today, so have some fun. Why not start out with a romp in the yard with Woof Man? He’s cute, cuddly, full of energy and dog saliva, and is just so darned happy to see you he can barely contain his urine.

It occurred to me after I sent this one in that it is sort of a watered-down version of a cartoon I did in 2010 that I think is much more successful. I’ve included it in the archives sections of today’s post, below.









KrapuzarKrelspethHalloween1990WEBIn the meantime, let’s talk about costumes. Back in the day (in this case, the early 1990s) my first wife, Klonipan, and I used to have grand costume parties at our home, so our daughters, Krapuzar and Krelspeth, grew up in an environment that included elaborate, homemade costumes each Halloween. Here is a dandy pic from the era. The costumes shown here are not the most elaborate we had back them but it is the only shot I can find right now. Weren’t they all just as gorgeous as a glamor shot from the booth at the shopping mall?


I had less to do then so I used to spend weeks––if not months––constructing my own crazy costumes. The pic shown here is one such effort, a papier-mache head the face of which popped off revealing a skull with wobbly, rubber eyeballs. Why I don’t have a pic of the skull inside, I shall go to my grave wondering. Sad. DanHalloween1991(The baby was not part of the costume, but the crotch fruit of my good friend, Steve D., who wanted his baby’s pic with me.)

Back to the future, as adults my daughters still embrace the tradition and concoct their own fanciful disguises each year. They are very good at it. Here are a few examples.




Here they are a few years ago as Edina and Patsy of the British sitcom, “Absolutely Fabulous.” They were, indeed. And believe me when I say these girls know how to stay in character. They amused and annoyed everyone with their antics for the duration of the party.













This shot is of Krelspeth in what is widely considered her most ingenious costume to date, “Hall and Oates.” The concept and fabrication of this sublime coolness was entirely her own. I bow down to it in awe.





One of my own favorite costumes was this Humpty Dumpty that I wore to one of our grand soirees back in the 90s, then later incorporated into a routine in my Bizarro Baloney Show, in the early 2000s (where this pic was taken). In the piraroHumptyDumptycostume version, the stuff you see here was sitting atop a box that fit over my body and was covered in foam rubber “bricks” so as to represent a wall. A panel in the front of the wall opened up so I could reach snacks and hold a drink, of course.  Another favorite was myself as one of the famous Frida Kahlo self portraits. I wore this frame box on my head and my body was dressed as Frida typically dressed in those days (blacked out in this photo).DanFrida WEB











For our final costume shot of the day, I offer this year’s party results: I’m a Day of the Dead character (sugar skull), and my girls are Rufio and Captain Hook from the movie, “Hook.” Again, their costumes were made by hand by each of them.  My costume is just stuff I normally wear and I added some face-painting to it. Well done, ladies!Halloween2013 WEB







REGURGITATED PICKLES: As promised above, here is the cartoon from 2010 that I was unconsciously mimicking in today’s offering. Hey, I’ve published over 10,000 cartoons in the past 28 years, I can’t remember them all.Bizarro 05-09-10 WerepuppyWEB