Flathead Funnies

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 10-28-13bz strip 10-28-13bz panel 10-29-13bz strip 10-29-13Bizarro is brought to yourself today by Albert Frank Einstein.

Since I’m behind on the blog this week, this is another omnibus posting. Sorry about that, JPs.

It’s Halloween week here in Southern California so I’m using gags about scary monsters that I’ve been saving all year. My buddy, Dan McConnell thinks up a lot of monster gags so he may be disproportionately represented this week. Oh! Here’s one now; Frankenstein shoe shopping. McC may have gotten this idea from a gay Halloween parade, which are the best kinds of Halloween parades there are, in my heterosexual opinion.









This vampire cartoon another one of my comments on the growing obesity problem in America. I just visited Oklahoma last week and I swear, you could fit all of the people there who are not 25% overweight (including children!) in a minivan. It’s insane. And it’s not about carbs, people, it’s about fat: too much fried food, animal flesh, dairy, sugar, all of which your body stores as fat because you almost can’t help eating more than your body can use. Vegans eat TONS of carbs and we don’t get fat. (Except those of us who eat too many fried carbs, which are as fattening as anything else.) Whatever, eat what you want but please don’t expect me to pay for your bypass surgery and diabetes drugs.bz panel 10-30-13bz strip 10-30-13








My more memory-gifted Jazz Pickles may remember this same organ-donor-frankenstein setup from a gag I did back in August. My known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh, came up with an alternative line for that same cartoon which I think is pretty good, so here it is again. Here’s a link to the previous one.

And here is Wayno’s blog post about this collaboration, which has a sort of funny story behind it. I hope it makes you smile with every lip on your face.








PREZARROS: From the musty, damp, archival dungeon at Bizarro International Headquarters, I offer this Sunday cartoon from 2012. I still really love this idea and the art I managed to cough up for it. I was “in the zone” the day I drew this, I guess, because I still like it a year and a half later. I hope it does not displease you.Bizarro 03-18-12 WEB