October 24th, 2013

Melodic Pig Sheep

by Wayno & Piraro

bz panel 10-21-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Prophetic Graffiti.

Hello, my friends, it is good to be back. I’m away from Bizarro International Headquarters this week, thus my irregular and tardy blogging behavior. I will endeavor to get caught up and keep this steamship going as best I can but I’ve no idea how successful I’ll be. Here are a few to get us up to date. Some of the strip versions are not different enough to warrant posting, in case you’re wondering where they are.

This little joke is from my little known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. It’s a gag so simple and dumb that it renders my lips defenseless against a smile. Which is just how I like them. To find out more about his complicated thought process in this effort, check out his blog, but then come right back, dammit.

bz panel 10-22-13


Here’s a disturbing little oddity in cartoon form. I like this kind of gag because it leads the reader slowly to the punchline, which is visual. Also, several members of my family have developed curly swine tails late in life, so the subject matter is sort of close to my heart.

bz strip 10-22-13

Be sure not to miss the sub-joke, the sign on the wall. You should be able to read it if you click on the receptionist’s earring and enlarge the image.




bz panel 10-23-13







This third cartoon brings us up to date. Today’s gag features a Jersey Bull hitting on a couple of sheep. The “Jersey Cow” punchline isn’t accurate in that only females are called “cows” but you get the joke. For my readers who’ve not been to New Jersey nor watched the ground-breaking dramatic television series, “Jersey Shore,” some of the people from that area of the globe often pluralize the pronoun, “you.” Don’t try to figure out why, just accept it as part of the never-ending charm of The Garden State.



bz 04-07-98 scratch


BIZOMBIES: Today’s gem from the archival catacombs is from 1998 and is the first scratch ‘n’ sniff newspaper cartoon EVER. Tragically, it doesn’t work as well on computer as it did in its original form but there are some things one has to give up for technology.








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