That’s My Boy

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 10-20-13 WEB










(To enlarge the man of steel, click on the sparrow in the tree next to the farmhouse.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Super Moms.

“Is your phone made of Kryptonite? You can’t pick it up every now and then and call your mother?”

I like this gag for its subtle, visual punch line –– the shadow of Superman’s mom. I also enjoyed creating the distance between Superman and the clouds, and the farmland below. You don’t get that kind of detail with your average Sunday comic and I provide it free of charge.

Bizarro 10-20-13 hdr

This was a collaboration with my pal and colleague, Dan McConnell. You can see more of our past collaborations hereish.


PREBIZTORICALS: One of the faithful Jazz Pickles who comment on this blog asked me recently to post my first Bizarro cartoon ever. Here it is, from January 22, 1985. OH MY GOD IT IS HIDEOUS! The gag is okay, a little dopey, but the drawing makes me want to puke. I know damned well I could draw better than this at the time but my first year or two of Bizarro cartoons were plagued with this stiff, repulsive style. I don’t know why I started out this way but thank heavens I changed. Bz 01-22-85 NY sock exchange