Don’t Ask, Don’t Smell

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 10-18-13bz strip 10-18-13Bizarro is branged to you today by Purse Snatcher.

Here’s a fun little doggy thing that my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh and I collaborated on. The basic idea is his but I changed the text a bit and added a dandy-looking (if I may say so myself) police dog to the mix. There is a person in my neighborhood who walks an ENORMOUS German Shepherd about the same time I walk my precious Jemima, and man, I can only imagine the fear that would strike your heart if this guy were on the end of a cop’s leash and was snarling at me. He’s the biggest German Shepherd I’ve ever seen and I’m thankful he’s docile. So is Jemima, who has a crush on him I think, even though he is no longer anatomically prepared for romance.

If you so desire, you may read Wayno’s account of this collaboration here.   And definitely let me know if he’s talking smack about me!


bz 07-16-98 police dogs WEB



BYGONE BIZARRO: Today’s archival offering is from the last century and concerns the challenges that dogs in the armed forces face each day.