October 16th, 2013

Feng Shui and me

by Sandra Bell-Lundy

magazine coverAb

About ten years ago…maybe more…(all I know is my kids were still in the younger grades of elementary school at the time)…I was interviewed for a Feng Shui television show.  I had done some cartoons in Between Friends about Feng Shui and the producers wanted to profile me and the strip.  Well, now it seems they have an online magazine called Energy Works Magazine and the profile is available on iTunes.  See my promo line on the front cover above?  I haven’t actually looked at it yet…  (I have an aversion to watching myself on television or video.) so I don’t know if they put up the entire profile or portions of it. I don’t actually know what’s up there.  Here’s the link:


I do remember that I was in the midst of painting my kitchen at the time and I begged them not to show that.  (They interviewed me in my livingroom at one point and I have an open-concept layout so you can see both my kitchen and livingroom.)  I also remember that I had socks on…and they taped me sitting at my drawing board and that’s visible.  Later I thought I should have had shoes on.  Oh well.  What you see is what you get.  They also taped my kids which was a big thrill for them to be on television.

Anyway…go have a look.  Who knows…one day I might even check it out myself.





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