I did it again.

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Right after last week’s discussion of the backlash from drawing funny pictures of women, I had to go and draw Miley Cyrus for an upcoming cartoon (super-secret sneak preview on this page). But I think I’m safe on this one; there’s not much a cartoonist could do to Miley that she hasn’t done to herself (that didn’t come out right). I mean, the main criticism I get when I draw women is that I’m either “making them look ugly”, or, that I’m “objectifying them”. I think Miley’s already accomplished both things on her own.

What really disturbs me is that I caved to the Zeitgeist and put Miley in a cartoon at all, but she’s virtually unavoidable (in this case, she turned up in a poll* about congressional approval-ratings). (Congress’s is higher.)

Still, I take comfort in believing that there’s somebody, somewhere, who’s risen above peer pressure, and given Miley the ultimate insult. By ignoring her. I take my hat off to him. Or her…