October 1st, 2013

Noah Logic

by Wayno & Piraro

bz panel 09-30-13bz strip 09-30-13Bizarro is brought to you today by the Consequences of Tardiness

I’ve already gotten a few questions about this cartoon so I’ll ‘splain it. Clowns are famous for emerging in large numbers out of very tiny cars. So a clown Noah…

If you still don’t get it, blame my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh, with whom I collaborated on this cartoon. Among the many wonderful things that Wayno and I share is a repulsion for actual clowns and an affinity for clown cartoons. He does his own ‘splainin’ about this here cartoon here.   Of the points he makes therein, my favorite is that an ark this size is just as likely to carry two of every species on earth as one of the size prescribed in the Bible. I smiled broadly.







OLD BIZNESS: I’ve done quite a few Noah’s Ark cartoons, but this one from 20   is my favorite by far. I get a huge kick out of how many “first world” citizens still believe the world was created a few thousand years ago, then try to squeeze dinosaurs into the mix somehow. This is meant to help those people with what must be some monstrously unwieldy cognitive dissonance. bz DINO ARK 11-16-08 WeB

Interesting side note: While posting this, I discovered a “Christian” web site that features not only my cartoon with the signature and copyright info deleted, but also quite a lot of my colleagues’ work, as well. If you’d like to complain about this obvious plagiarism and unchristian behavior, send them an email here: [email protected]

Offending web site.




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