Eternal Mistakes

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 09-27-13bz strip 09-27-13bz panel 09-28-13bz strip 09-28-13Bizarro is brang to youse guys today byGrandma’s Cookies.

The idea for this cartoon came directly from the many conversations we’ve had together in the comments section, Jazz Pickles, about the comedic value of unfortunate tattoos, be they misspelled or just baboon-ass ugly. It is a short hop from that conversation to wondering if any tattoo shops offer spell check and general aesthetic advice. Of course, not all tattooists have good taste or spelling skills above that of a dim 3rd grader, so I’m afraid you’d still be firmly in “buyer beware” territory.











My second offering today is about a topic I know very little about, I confess. A friend told me that Taylor Swift is fairly famous for dating guys, breaking up with them, then crying about it in songs. It annoys him greatly, so I did this cartoon for him.  Boy, I sure hope he’s right. Otherwise, this makes no sense at all.

Oh well. Life is full of polysemousness. (As well as words I’ve never heard of until I looked up “ambiguity” in a thesaurus.)

On a side note, I’m not one to have vanity plates on my car so the license number in this cartoon is, as far as I know, still available in most markets. Please send me a picture of it when it arrives.






BIZARROLD: My elderly offering today is a joke that takes perhaps a few seconds for the reader to get, and whether or not the seconds were well spent is a matter of individual opinion. But in spite of the relative strength or weakness of the gag, I really love the artwork. I was in good form the day I drew this, I think, because five years later I still really love the character, his accessories, tattoos, even the surrounding props. Hard as it is to imagine, one day not far in the future, old folks homes will be full of various, saggy examples of decorative mutilations. So be it.bizarro 07-20-08 REY