September 25th, 2013


by Wayno & Piraro

bz panel 09-20-13bz strip 09-20-13Bizarro is brought to you this time by Bat-stache.

I’m still behind on blog posts as you will note from the date of this cartoon and the fact that it is now four days later. But I shall persist and hopefully catch up sometime before the end of this week. Definitely before the end of this year, however.

I like the idea of Bruce Wayne naming everything he owns after himself as a prequel to his obsession with naming everything “Bat-something” after he began running around Gotham City in a dance belt and leotards. The bike in this cartoon is drawn from a bike I now own, which belonged to my father when he was a boy. It’s a 1948 Schwinn Streamliner. Except for a bit of rust (my own neglect) it’s in terrific shape. I rescued it from my grandparents’ garage in the late 80s and rode it regularly up until the late 90s when I retired it to hang on a wall in my living room.





Schwinn WEBHere’s the pic I took of it in my driveway as reference for this cartoon.  The handlebars are turned sideways so it fits against a wall. Does this bit of trivia interest anyone?






PREHISTARROS: Today’s veteran cartoon from 2003 has nothing to do with the topic above but it’s long been one of my faves and I thought it might tickle a pickle or two. Dyslexic Proctologist WEBWhen I first submitted this, there was some concern that some newspapers would choose not to run it because it (GASP!) refers to a part of the human anatomy that reminds us we are mammals, which, apparently, most humans hate to think about. It was not rejected by any of my client papers, however, but I did get a letter from the parent of a dyslexic child who thought it was out of line. I hope that dyslexia was the child’s only disability and he did not also inherit his mother’s lack of a sense of humor.




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