Musical Horns

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 09-15-13 WEB Bizarro09-15-13 hedr WEB(For more biggerness, click the “C” key on the piano on the window.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Child Proofing.

This is a simple gag but people like those, especially on a Sunday when they’re already either hung over from a sinful Saturday night or up too early to get to church on time.

Like most little boys, I like drawing dinosaurs. And I had a little extra fun drawing the reflection of him in the window. This one is actually shown much smaller in proportion to the buildings than these guys actually were. We in the paleontological cartoon world call that “artistic license.” And if I’m caught drawing without it, it’s a pretty heavy fine.

BIZARROVERS: I don’t always include an older cartoon on my Sunday posts but I thought this dinosaur cartoon from 2008 went nicely with the one above. AND it has a whopping NINE secret symbols. Enjoy responsibly. bizarro 09-14-08 WEB