Alone Time

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 09-13-13 disguisebz strip 09-13-13disguiseBizarro is brought to you today by A Little Head.

This “guise/guys” bit of wordplay was mentioned to me by my pal, Edwin, at his fourth of July party back in 1776. (No wait––that’s something from history class. It must have been this year.) I let it bounce around in my head for a few months, then had it surgically removed and placed here for your brief pleasure.

Edwin has a very strange way of thinking about everything and that’s why we’re friends. His wife is wacky, too, and you gotta love that. Together they make up half of a musical group called The Ding Dong Devils. They are a perfectly wretched classical string quartet, but a pretty darn fun rockabilly/tiki band. They also collect old, weird things, particularly objects from “Tiki culture,” if I may coin a term. (Unless that is an already established term, in which case I shall borrow it and return it after you’ve read it.) You’d like their house. Unless you don’t like dark, damp places with a lot of creepy things everywhere you turn. Here’s their FB page if you want to buy a CD or check out a live show in the Los Angeles area.

Bz panel 09-16-06 KristenBIZARRO BASEMENT: This little ditty from 2006 has nothing to do with the cartoon above but one of our Jazz Pickles requested this one. It’s one of my favorites because I’ve had a few friends and acquaintances over the years named one or the other and I could never remember which so I would just mumble their name when I saw one.