And The Winner Is…….

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

The winner for the first week of the Edison Lee Comment Contest is…… (Drumroll please)

David T.G. Riches for his comment on the strip that ran August 1.content.php

“I can see a pillow sack full of oranges as a cruel weapon of justice in the future!”

There were a lot of great comments this week and it was hard to choose. This one may have won because of my secret desire to fight crime with a pillowcase full of oranges. Or it could be that I wish I’d thought of giving Orville that prop. Whatever the reason it made me laugh out loud harder than any of the other comments this week.

So David, click on the little white envelope at the right hand sidebar of this page and send me your contact info. Also please specify which character you would like me to draw for you. Here is a character list to help jog your memory:

Edison (inventor, entrepreneur, pundit, mad genius…..)

Orville ( twinkie consuming grandfather)

Don (underemployed father)

Carol (long suffering mother)

Joules (noble rat assistant)

Harley (noble continuously taken advantage of cousin)

Crazy hair neighbor lady (as seen in the strip for 8/4)

Senator Ottoman (the name pretty much sums up his effectiveness)

Rogue Wheat or any other character from a story arc you may have enjoyed.

Thanks again everyone for posting your comments and keep ’em coming! Round two starts today and the bar has been set!