What Came Up In My Garden

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

One of my nice spoons. I was weeding the bed and felt something metal.

The other prize-winning fruit is my cat Seltzer. He likes to sit on the pea shoots, tangle himself into the netting, then get annoyed and violent when he cannot get out. He takes cats cradle literally.


Speaking of cats, I had a good news/bad news event happen a month ago. Good news: George Takei, Captain Sulu of Star Trek fame, posted my Take-Your-Cat-To-Work-Day strip on his Facebook page. It got 69 million shares last I checked. Bad news, the version he used was stripped of my name, the date, the name of the strip and the address of the website. It probably was sent to him that way, but what a bittersweet tale of a strip going viral.



Since Mother’s Day is coming up, I’ve been advised to tell you that Mom would rather have a signed color cartoon print than new slippers or a bottle of vodka. Here’s one she might like. It ran on 9/12/2004.

Happy Spring, everyone!