Aww, Shoot!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow










(To experience this cartoon in 3-D Kartoon-O-Vision*, click the star on the cannon.)

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I have a guilty pleasure that I’m not proud of (hence the guilt) and have probably not admitted publicly before. It is laughing at very stupid people. In my defense, I do not laugh at people who are innocently less intelligent: the mentally disabled, small children, elderly people with dementia, people who are none-too-bright but do their best, etc. The ones I love are those who are arrogantly and blatantly stupid, have no shame of it, and cannot seem to find enough ways to publicly display their lack of brainfulness. So it is not surprising that one of my favorite things is the Darwin Awards, which salute “the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it” by being idiots. In a nutshell: people who have killed themselves in amazingly stupid ways.

Though I’ve never seen one given to a person shooting themselves out of a cannon, it may have happened. Here is a short list of ten pretty good ones.

*Not actually 3-D; not how you spell “cartoon.”