By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by SEX!

Yesterday’s post was about eggs for breakfast. Today, completely by unintentional semi-coincidence, is another egg cartoon. But this one is about the fictional eggman (as opposed to the real one) Humpty Dumpty.

In my old, full-length “Bizarro Baloney Show,” I had a routine I did dressed as Humpty Dumpty. In it, Humpty was gay and sang a woeful torch song about the love he’d lost with Eggs Benedict. The funniest thing about the routine was the costume, however, seen in the picture below. I stood behind a short wall sort of thing and poked my head up above. The arms on Humpty were connected to small, stiff wires, making them move in any direction as I manipulated the wires. It was downright creepy. I originally conceived of and built the costume for a Halloween costume party but later incorporated it into my show. Here is a video with various clips from that show. I don’t do the full version anymore because it had too many props, costumes, and technical issues to make it something I could mount without a crew of roadies, which I cannot afford. I nearly killed myself (and my wife and daughter when they helped me with it) schlepping it from town to town for one-night engagements. My dream was to get some financial backing and run the show in a given theater for a long period of time but that never happened.