April 1st, 2013

Prestidigitation Prophet

by Wayno & Piraro









(For an Easter-basket-sized look at this cartoon, click the crazy doggy.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by The Joys of Childhood.

When I scheduled this cartoon to run on this date (six weeks ago) I had no idea it would be Ancient Jewish Magician Day, or “Easter” as many people call it. That’s why it features a werechihuahua instead of a werebunny.

Legend has it that on this day a couple thousand years ago, a Jewish man in ancient Judea disappeared from his tomb and began appearing around town. Other legends report that he subsequently had one final show during which he performed a veritable “best of” his tricks: turning water into wine, walking on water (deep water, not just a spill on the floor), restoring the vision of a blind guy, and as a grand finale, feeding the entire (sizable) crowd with a single snack pack of those bright orange peanut butter crackers.

Now, all these years later, many believe that on this day each year he still pops his head out of his tomb and, if he sees his shadow, predicts six more weeks of damnation. To celebrate these various feats of magic, modern day fans paint chicken eggs and hide them from children, leading the little ones to believe a giant, magic rodent did it. Because that’s the logical thing to do in a situation such as this.

I hope wherever and whatever you are, you enjoy your day and experience a little magic of your own.




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