Poopy Pun

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by The Power of Footwear.

This cartoon will divide my readers into two groups: those who got it immediately, and those who got it eventually, and those who never got it at all, and those who would not have gotten it had they not read this blog. And those who are not great at math.

This gag’s concept was pooped out of by my good buddy, Cliff Harris The King of Wordplay. Cliff’s ideas are often quite simple, like this one, but always unexpected. When he first described this to me in an email, it took me quite a few seconds to get it. Once I did, I laughed at myself for missing it. I had fun with the process and hoped you would, too.  If you still don’t get it as you read this sentence, the answer is written below, upside down.

Speaking of shoes and indoor toilets, aren’t they both just so convenient? Where would we be without them? (Answer below)







Answer 1: I have no idea how to make type upside down on this blog. The answer is that the lady’s toilet was “clogged”and the object clogging it was a clog!

Answer 2: Outside barefooted.