Gulch Guffaw Gag

By Jeremy Meltingtallow









(To view this cartoon as big as Texas, click one of the cowboy’s hats.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Alternate Perspectives.

Who doesn’t love a good Escher cartoon? You there, with your hand up––please leave the room.

This one is a collaboration with my good buddy and colleague, Dan McConnell. Dan loves a good Escher gag and that’s why he has not been asked to leave the room. That’s him in the back standing on the wall.

I also love to do cartoons about the Old West, so this one combines two of my favorite themes. Accordingly, I spent a lot of time on the art and had a ball doing it. In the ancient, Golden Era of Newspaper Cartoons, virtually all cartoons were drawn with this kind of detail and effort. I’m not saying that all cartoons still should be or that I belong in the Golden Era, far from it. I just like to draw as real good as I can and I hope you enjoy the extra effort. Otherwise, I’ll start drawing Bizarro like Dilbert and save myself a metric buttload of time.

Until next time, be tangy, Jazz Pickles.