A Perfect Bombshell

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

When I first created the character, Perfectville, she was the  ubermom archetype…the envy of neighborhood mothers. Jill has had a love/hate relationship with her since the very start. But through the years, Perfectville has slowly evolved (much to my own surprise) into an actual friend of Jill’s. True, she’s always been giving and helpful — albeit up on her high horse — but lately she’s been nicer and less back-handed with the compliments.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun and fitting to have Perfectville as Jill’s pseudo “party planner” for Amy’s Bat Mitzvah. And so it’s come to be. But in the middle of this story arc, Perfectville throws a bombshell:

Who knew, right? This idea kinda popped in my head. But I loved it — what a kick to portray Perfectville as a former CEO. Especially since Jill has always profiled her as “Betty Crocker on steroids.” But as we come to see, it all makes absolute sense.

Why not? Why not show Perfectville as someone with a “past.” We all have a back story, after all. Here she highlights the career choices people (especially women) face when they become parents. Fittingly, this is the premise Pajama Diaries was based on.

This also explains Perfectville’s personality…namely, the relentless energy she once channeled into a power position that is now redirected toward her kids (frankly, this explains a LOT of people).

Whether or not Jill and Perfectville remain friends, frenemies, or otherwise, they will always have a complicated relationship. Keeping her as a recurring character satisfies my own curiosity to see how this relationship will grow and change.

Who knows which way the wind will blow.