Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Seeking some suggestions for that for special Valentine in your life? Sure, chocolate and flowers are both perfectly acceptable Valentine’s Day gifts, but neither is what you might call surprising. What is surprising and will elicit an “Awwww!” response upon opening: a high-quality, love-themed print from the DailyINK Print Shop and a gift subscription to DailyINK!

Whether you purchase a print for your spouse, parent, grandparent or child, a DailyINK print is a daily reminder of how much you care. For a Valentine’s Day gift that will long be remembered and cherished, click on the “Buy This Print” button next to any strip or panel on

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Or, how about a gift that’s new everyday? Each day, when your loved one opens his or her customized daily email or accesses the DailyINK mobile app, they’ll think of you. Flowers wilt and candy is gone faster than you can say “I Love You.” A DailyINK subscription is a Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, no matter what the season or holiday.

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Plus, for every DailyINK gift subscription you purchase, we’ll add a month to your current membership!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Your Friends at DailyINK