Happy 25th Anniversary to Bud Grace and THE PIRANHA CLUB

By Tea Fougner

Wow! THE PIRANHA CLUB is celebrating 25 years in syndication. We’ve got a message from creator Bud Grace to mark the occasion:

You hear people say that if you love your job you’ll never have to work. Well, I haven’t worked for the past 25 years. I love drawing Ernie and the Piranha Club and I love making people laugh. And that includes me. Give me a pencil and I’ll amuse myself for hours. And I have to give a great deal of credit for those wonderful 25 years to a terrific bunch of people who make it all possible, King Features Syndicate and their affiliates, especially Bulls Press in Sweden. Thanks, guys. And thanks so much to my readers. You all must be as nuts as me.

And I have to thank one more group of people: Ernie and Sid and Enos and Effie and Mother Packer and Arnold and Arnoldine and Spencer and Doris and Baby Fillmore and Bob the Zombie and Beardo and Quacko and Zerblat and Schultz the Butcher and Nurse Shwartz and Grandpa Fernwilter and Shorty and Zerblat and Lulu Honeycutt and Buffy Zerblat and Frau Pork and The Amazing Grelner and Mr. & Mrs. Arnoldski, and the Wurlitzer Brothers and Barnacle Bill the Parrot and BoBo the Cat and Mr. Husselmeyer and… Geeze! Isn’t that enough?? I hope I stay screwy for another 25.

And here’s the very first week of the comic, from back when THE PIRANHA CLUB was ERNIE:


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Have a great weekend!