Cracker Killer

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Guide to PC Language.

Here’s a pretty cool deal that King Features is offering to you Jazz Pickles FOR FREE!

They have an online service called Daily Ink that, once subscribed to, enables you to get access to as many of their bajillions of cartoons and their archives. (Tons of new ones, even some classics from the 1900s that you can’t find anywhere else). For instance, if you sign up for Bizarro, Rhymes with Orange, Mutts, Krazy Kat, and two or three of your favorite editorial cartoonists, you’ll then get those daily comics each day in an email or on your smart phone or tablet. For the same base price, you can edit that list whenever you like and get as many or few as you want.

The special deal for you JPs is that you can get a week for free without giving them any payment info or anything!

You don’t even have to cancel when the week is up. You either go back and sign up for the service at a low, low price or forget about it. How much is this service? $10 a month? No, don’t be an idiot! This awesome service is only $20 a year!–– less than the price of an ironic T-shirt and you never have to wash it. From the site, you can also instantly share any cartoon on Twitter or FB, buy the cartoon as a print, get other cool merch, etc., all with the click of a button. It’s pretty much a modern necessity if you like comics. (I’ve been a member for a while now and my favorite comic is Mary Worth but don’t tell anyone.)

Here’s the secret link to the free trial dealy. You gotta do it! Don’t make me look bad by not signing up for the seven free days. :o(

Later, Jazz Pickles.