Calling all comics fans…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Just found out you can try out Daily Ink for free for a week. Here’s the info from King Features:

Sign up for 7 days of full access with just your email address – no other personal information required. DailyINK is the all-inclusive, online subscription service for the true comics fan. Every single day online and on iPhone, iPad and Android phones, members get unlimited access to 90+ comic strips (including this one, of course), editorial cartoons and vintage classics not available anywhere else. You can also get your favorite selections by email each day.

Already have and love a DailyINK subscription? Then find a friend who is jealous of your comics access and share with them the free 7 day trial option! Bonus: if they become a paid member, you get a 30 day bonus on your subscription.

Click here to start a free trial today, no credit card required:

Speaking of gifts, if you’d like to get your loved one a print for Valentine’s Day, click the “buy a print” button next to any strip on this site.

Here are some Pajama Diaries Valentine’s Day strips from years past, if you’re so inclined: