Teeth Pie Cat Marriage Pain Sleep

By Jeremy Meltingtallow






Bizarro is brought to you today by Previous Pie Perpetration.

As predicted, the second cartoon in this lineup, which appeared in papers on Tuesday, confused a lot of readers. To understand it, you  have to both be a regular reader of Bizarro and connect it to this first cartoon, which appeared in papers on Monday.

The “Life of Pie” cartoon is a lampoon of the Academy Award nominated film, “Life of Pi,” and is simply an illustration of a pie that is dwindled down to one piece, which then becomes the iconic slice of pie in one of my cartoons. Yes, I know it’s obtuse, but my readers often enjoy this kind of challenge. If you got it without the help of this blog, award yourself 500 points. (Incidentally, though I’ve not seen the movie version, I read the novel and it was superb. Does that make me sound high-minded and a little snooty? Good.)






Our next offering today is this delightful feline romp by my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. Fortunately, you do not have to understand anything about string theory (in truth, no one does) to get this gag. I like that in a cartoon. Here’s what Wayno has to say about this collaboration. He’s got some other dandy art on his site as well, so don’t miss it.






This next cartoon appeals to me because of my recent second divorce and the realization that for me, the first step toward breaking up a perfectly good relationship is moving in together. If I’ve got to cohabit with someone, anyone, it’s only a matter of time before I resent them for being in my space. (Not that that is why either of my marriages broke up.) I’ve seen it time and time again with old married couples; they say they love each other but act like the other one is one molecule away from disintegrating their last nerve. Personally, I think a relationship with separate dwelling spaces can be just as intimate and also offer an immediate escape hatch when you need a few hours or days to yourself. Word.



This dental cartoon needs no explanation or back story. Unless you’ve never been to a dentist, in which case you likely don’t have a computer to be viewing this on right now, either. This one is a collaboration with my good buddy, Dan McConnell, who lives on a street called Pine Flats Loop. Can you hear banjos?








My last cartoon today depends on your knowledge that tryptophan, a mysterious substance found in the flesh of dead turkeys, is said to make you sleepy. That’s evolution’s way of giving the other turkeys a chance for revenge for their fallen comrade.