New year, new tool

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Ah, 2013. Two weeks in and already it’s been a year of major upgrades. One of my wedding ring prongs came loose and – uh oh – out came the diamond, never to be seen again. Thank heavens it was insured. Upgrade! Soon I’ll have a newer ring with industrial prongs and a new-ring sheen (I assume no new ring smell). Too bad I can’t super-size the new diamond.

I also threw in the towel and upgraded my drawing tools. I bought a Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet…and let’s just say I could NEVER go back to Micron pens, Bristol Board, and eraser marks. I’m a junkie. I’m so in love with this thing that I publicly divorced my husband on Facebook and announced I would marry the tablet.

(I call it “Sparky” as a tribute to Charles Schulz. My husband hopes the nickname never becomes an adjective)

Already this thing has me so industrious, I can knock out comic strip drawing in two thirds the time it used to take me using traditional tools. Which leaves me more time for practical matters…

…like diamond ring shopping.