Missing Strip

By Jeremy Meltingtallow


It was brought to my attention that I forgot to post this cartoon a couple of weeks ago when it ran. I’m not sure why, I may have been abducted by aliens just as I got to it, then made to forget everything that happened on the ship after being returned to my desk. We may never know.

Since the strip version took a fair amount of extra drawing, I’ve posted it here, too. That little tan Fiat 500 on the far left is mine in real life, by the way. Just a little Jazz Pickle trivia for you. Here’s another morsel: when I first submitted this cartoon to King Features, I used the phone number of a service I found online, some lady who claims to be able to find missing pets, people, and objects with her psychic powers. The syndicated cited legal problems with using a real number, so I had to resort to the lame “555” thing. Bummer, man.  Click either image for a larger version.

I’m a big fan of phony “missing” or advertising posters like this. Here’s my favorite.