Grumbel’s Halloween Costume Contest on FB!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

The Grumbel’s Halloween Costume Contest!

This year, I’ve decided to let the fans of RETAIL on Facebook decide the winner of the Grumbel’s Halloween Costume Contest!

Here’s how it works:

Each RETAIL comic this week will feature a different character in costume.  Every morning, I’ll post custom artwork of that character on the RETAIL Facebook Page.  Simply “like” the post to vote for that costume. (Feel free to vote for more than one costume.)  The character with the most votes by midnight on Saturday (11/3) will be declared the winner!

But that’s not all!

At the end of the week, a random “liker” from each post will be chosen to win the costume artwork AND the original RETAIL comic strip from that day!  Winners will be announced on Monday 11/6.

Now that you know how to vote, head on over to the RETAIL Facebook Page and “like” away!