Hmmm. 7 Weird Things Babies Do and Why—Parenting.com

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Jerry and I are always on the lookout for subject matter for the strip. No offense, but generally, stories about something funny your kids said or did don’t cut it. They’re usually only funny to the family. That goes for our kids, too. We look for situations, research or news that might open up areas we haven’t touched on. So when I saw this article—7 Weird Things Babies Do and Why—I thought, hey, this has some possibilities!

I expected to find some really weird stuff. Things like “Why does my baby’s skin change color like an octopus?” Or really mysterious stuff, like “What causes babies to do that happy screech at ear-splitting decibels right when I’m about to fall asleep on a plane?” You know, things a comic strip could really sink it’s teeth into.

Number 4, about why babies tense their bodies and shake or shiver? That one was pretty weird to witness with our first baby, and we always wondered why that happened. But the rest on the list seem mostly non-weird to me.

There is another possibility:  that I just have a high threshold for weird. I think I have heard that expressed to me in less tactful ways. But that’s another subject.

Take a look at the article. We’ll conduct our own research. Let us know here or on Facebook if you think those seven things are weird, or if you’ve had babies who behaved in even weirder ways. Maybe it will make its way into a strip.

7 Weird Things Babies Do and Why