Checking Out the Flash Gordon Exhibit at the Stamford Museum

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker attended the Opening Night Gala for the “Flash Gordon and the Heroes of the Universe” exhibition that is currently showing at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center in Connecticut. Mort took the time to pen some of his thoughts on the Flash Gordon exhibition and legendary artist Alex Raymond:

“I was blown away by the quality of art in the Flash Gordon exhibit in Stamford. It made me wish I could draw better. I don’t even know how Alex Raymond could meet his deadlines every day with the amount of pen work in each strip. I used to read the strip when I was a young man and was more fascinated by the art than the story.

Then when I came to New York and started Beetle Bailey, I met Alex Raymond and was fascinated by him. He was handsome, intelligent and friendly, an altogether classic package that will never be reproduced.”

The exhibition, which was curated by Mort’s son, comics historian, author and cartoonist, Brian Walker, runs through November 4.

The exhibition also showcases the work of Flash Gordon artist Al Williamson as well as Al Williamson, as well as numerous other science fiction cartoonists.

For more information, visit the Museum’s website at www.stamfordmuseum.org.