FIVE SECRETS sort of interesting things about Baby Blues revealed in BBXX

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

“Secrets” may not be the right word. “Secrets” implies that someone else might be interested in knowing them. Or that they’re things we wouldn’t want out there.

“Secrets” is also a word devised—first by magazines and TV, and now the Internet—to suck you into stories you wouldn’t give a second glance to otherwise. So if we’re being honest, then yes, “Secrets” it is. Here they are:

  1. How Hammie got his name. (page 99)
  2. Lousy ideas for comic strips we had before Baby Blues. At the risk of public humiliation, we give you a peek at them. (page 181)
  3. What Darryl and Wanda were named before they were Darryl and Wanda. (page 179)
  4. Why Wanda is a brunette. (page 178)
  5. What Jerry and Rick look like in diapers. (page 183)

Look at that, we’re not even making you jump around the book for all those secrets. One more thing: We don’t want to see you in a book store thumbing to those pages to find out the answers and then leaving without the book.

If there are so many secrets in merely five pages, just think of what you might find in the other 331 pages!