Week in Review, October 5, 2012

By Tea Fougner

Happy October! Did everyone watch the Presidential debate on Wednesday? You can bet our editorial cartoonists did! Here are a few gems:


Glenn Foden


Mike Smith


Kirk Walters

Even Dagwood apparently stayed awake long enough to watch the debates over in BLONDIE:

But it looks like Tina of TINA’S GROOVE and Mr. The Toad of ZIPPY THE PINHEAD missed out to go on dates. We’re not sure which turned out worse.

GIL’s mom also has a date this week, with a guy named Troy, and Gil’s not really sure what to make of it.

Over in THE FAMILY CIRCUS, Billy has taken over the strip for the week! Don’t miss Billy’s cartoon observations—they’re super cute!

Meanwhile, in the rest of the comic strip universe, the big theme of the week seems to be housekeeping—or lack thereof.

In MUTTS, we’ve got a squirrel who may be taking hoarding to dangerous levels!

Of course, hoarding nuts looks an awful lot like Jeremy’s locker over in ZITS:

Arden of BUCKLES is having a hard time finding a clean bird bath:

Whereas Jill of THE PAJAMA DIARIES is having a hard time getting Amy to clean her room:

Over in Bleeker, Karl’s starting to foresee messes before they happen:

And RHYMES WITH ORANGE has some advice on maintaining a happy marriage through housekeeping:

We’re going to take this as a sign that we’d better clean up our houses over the weekend before anyone starts accusing US of hoarding.

Have a great weekend!