Week In Review: September 28, 2012

By Tea Fougner

How’s your week been, folks?

Everyone around here has been talking about this whole NFL “replacement refs” kerfluffle, so I thought we’d look at some of our great editorial cartoonists’ takes on the issue. They really scored a, ahem, touchdown, here:

Brian Duffy

Jeff Koterba

Mike Smith

The elections remain a hot topic! And now EDISON LEE is joining the fray as he and Grandpa Orville launch their campaign for the Presidency:

And this great editorial cartoon from KIRK WALTERS expresses what a lot of us feel about political campaigns:

But Dethany of ON THE FASTRACK reminds everyone that politics have always been ugly:

The other big theme of the week seems to be technology!

BIZARRO teaches us an important life lesson about pet names:

BUCKLES is introduced to the world of online auctions:

And CRANKSHAFT can’t understand how to use his television remote:

Skip and Lila over in BLEEKER THE RECHARGEABLE DOG are still hard at work on their engineering project. Well, Lila is hard at work, at least. This week, they’re engaged in a virtual reality program as part of their project:

And we’ve got search engines and QR codes over in SIX CHIX this week:

by Isabella Bannerman

by Rina Piccolo

Trent of TODD THE DINOSAUR is having a problem with his phone:

And Dagwood of BLONDIE goes shopping for a new computer:

Which sounds like it’s going to help delete all those political campaign emails we’re all getting flooded with these days. Hooray!

Have a great week, everyone, and don’t let technology OR campaign ads get you down!