Sunday Punnies #25

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(To see this image as big as all get-out, click on Mona Lisa’s chin.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by X-Ray Vision.

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My Sunday Punnies series is one in which I use puns sent in by readers and embellished by myself. This week’s winners are Dan Murray, Julie Fisher, and Vance Lehmkuhl. If you’d like to submit your pun for possible future use, follow these guidelines:

1. Your pun has to be original. Please don’t send me something you heard years ago somewhere or saw on the Interwebs.

2. By submitting, you agree that the cartoon produced becomes mine and you will get no copyright or compensation, other than the inexplicable glory of seeing your name in the funny papers.

3. Tell me the name you’d like me to attribute it to if I use your idea. Anything is fine, doesn’t have to be your real name. (Like “Vance Lehmkuhl” is his real name!)

4. I don’t publish the comments with pun suggestions in them so as not to ruin the fun if I decide to use it, or embarrass you if the whole world thinks it is dumb. So you won’t see your comment in the comments section, but rest assured, I read them all with one or both of my own eyes.

5. Do not run naked into a police station. You could be detained.

That’s it. Good luck and be punny, Jazz Pickles.

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